Corporate clients

The “Trabo-Plus” company offers you joining to corporate alimentation system in the restaurant network "Andy’s Pizza" and "La Plăcinte".

Organization of corporate catering is one of the most important points in the work of any company.  Insufficient and irregular meals affect efficiency of the staff. The best variant in organization of nutrition during the day is a delivery of lunches to the office. It helps not only to create normal conditions for work, but it also takes care of the staff. It raises employees’ motivation and improves image of the company.

  • Easy payment systems easy payment system at your choice (cash/ tickets/ banking card).
  • Your delivery time
  • Free delivery (Free delivery from 100 MDL)
  • Reservations (You can make a reservation in any Andy’s Pizza or La Placinte restaurant.)
  • Participation at promotions
  • Catering
  • Documents delivery

One of payment modalities is a special personalized card, created on Victoria Bank’s system.

The required amount will be transferred 100% on the checking account. You can freely receive this card and the amount will be assigned depending of Company’s wishes. The card “Corporate clients” allows establishing limits on alimentation. For example, above 40 MDL in a day. In case if order’s amount is bigger than established limit, the employee can pay the difference by cash.


  • Excellent service
  • Individual approach
  • Varied menu
  • Timely service
  • Personal tutor5 Our company will have a manager who will make reservations, creating menu, catering, working with documents (reports, certificates) and who will answer to all questions.
  • Bonuses up to 10%6 You can use these bonuses by ordering dishes from our restaurants, by corporate client’s service.

Today we are working with many companies,among them are Orange and Bemol. Having a big experience in the completemeals, our company earned an impeccable reputation among clients, caring about efficiencyof lunch delivery to offices and about varied menu. The “Corporate clients” service is available in Chisinau and Balti.

By us is working the quality control service, this department contains some subdivisions. Such as department of video security, experts in production and maintenance, and also secret buyers in restaurants and delivery. The employees of this department, regular, during the each month, are checking the compliance with the standards by cooking. We are seriously treating the compliance of quality standards of our products, also we are working permanently by renewing menu’s assortment.

Call us, and our employees will come and answer to all your questions.  

060 777 603  Olga
060 777 809  Natalia