For company: in Andy's Pizza restaurants appeared assorted appetizer

For company: in Andy's Pizza restaurants appeared assorted appetizer

Andy's Pizza like when you find time to gather a large company of friends in a comfortable atmosphere of our restaurants. To make your meetings even more enjoyable, in our menu are 4 types of hearty platter of appetizer, and now the right choice will be even easier!

Vegetable plate

Daily charge of vitamins in the Andy's Pizza menu is represented by vegetable dish that consists of ripe tomatoes, sweet pepper, cucumber, green onions and parsley. A cow cheese with a creamy salty taste, is also included in the vegetable plate, and is designed to highlight the flavor of each vegetable.

Meat plate

If you want a thorough appetizer- it is time to order a meat dish.Firstly, in its composition it is the most popular meat dish of Transcaucasiancuisine - spicy tobacco chicken.Secondly, this includes tender chicken - appetizer for those who prefer lean meat in its classical manifestation.And third, ham - baked pork.

Cheese plate

The star of cheese plate is spicy cheese Dor Blue from cow's milk and blue mold. Unlike other blue cheese, it is not so sharp, not so salty, with a fairly soft, almost creamy texture. Soft cheeses presented Camembert- Norman cheese with a delicate, little mushroom flavor that blends perfectly with the walnuts. For hard cheeses is responsible edam- a classic Dutch cheese with a slightly nutty flavor. And finally, the most famous and popular Italian Cheese- “Parmigiano Regiano”.The taste of each cheese is disclosed in combinationwith nuts and dried apricot, sweet honey and currant jam.

Sausage plate

Sausage plate at Andy's menu can be order in two modes, depending on the size of the desired portion.

In a small plate included prosciutto-Traditional Italian ham made from sea salt (and mountain air).In addition to prosciutto, the sausage plate have a classic ham (sweet Smoked pork ham), and the most popular Italian sausage – Salami, and spicy sausages "Islands", as a supplement are Kalamata olives.

The bigplate included all of the above, and in addition - smoked sausage, bacon and sweet pickles.