Holidays are coming with Andy's Pizza Christmas menu

Holidays are coming from 2nd december and not alone, but with Andy's Pizza Christmas menu

The arrival of winter always is associated with a series of celebrations. And here we decided to start from this association, inventing a special menu for the cold season. The list includs the most spacious dishes, hotter and more specific to the winter holidays!

Pizza Calzone

In the chapter "Pizza" also are some changes. For example, traditional Italian pie (which resembles in some way with our pies), which de facto is a closed form of pizza, prepared crescent. The main advantage of closed pizza is the fact that its original form keeps all the juices and flavor inside, therefore its taste is more pronounced, more saturated. As a variation, Calzone from Andy's Pizza, is the classic recipe with ham and cheese.

Baked turkey pulp

Continuing the theme of correct nutrition, in the chapter on hot dishes appeared a significant portion of the turkey pulp, baked in spicy sauce. Turkey’s meat is succulent than usual fillet, in addition, it contains a lot of nutritional qualities, and almost have no cholesterol and fat! And as a side dish for turkey- a warm and useful broccoli salad, browned in butter with thyme and red cherry.

Soufle de somon

Olivier- little salty salmon with fresh cucumbers

It would seem that no one in our country can be surprised with the taste of the famous Olivier. But we risked, and we get as a result, a very interesting interpretation of this winter salad. During its preparation we begin with traditional combinations, replacing them with the finer ingredients, but in a clear interpretation. Instead of the usual salami we used less salty salmon fillet, and instead of pickled cucumbers in the salad were cut fresh cucumbers.

Boiled beet salad and goat cheese

A useful, simple, and simultaneously, refined salad. Sweet beet is in perfect harmony with fresh goat cheese. Its taste is more interesting than traditional cheeses from the milk of cows, and sour taste underlines the perfect taste of vegetables. The harmony is completed by ground nuts and a very juicy sauce "New Year", based on orange juice.

Veal salad

Another useful salad, which is a great option for lunch on a cold winter day, when you want something slightly, hot, but more than just vegetables. The salad is prepared based on roasted veal medallions, red onion, cherry tomato and the unexpected sauce based on pomegranate juice.

Sponge cake with mandarin

Fortunately for those who care for the silhouette, seasonal menu was filled with a "pp desert ". Sponge cake is prepared after an original recipe - without raising agents and additives.

Filling - mandarin syrup and fine cheese and chocolate cream, on base of which was used white natural chocolate!

Chocolate and cherries Sacher

This cake is a Viennese dessert, which is one of the most popular cakes in the world… and that you can taste only in Andy's Pizza restaurant. All ingredients are one hundred percent natural: chocolate sponge cake tops, which alternate with cherry marmalade, coated with natural chocolate.

Make your New Year mood with Andy's Pizza!