We give 10 kg of ice cream Ciao Cacao

Ciao Cacao: how to create the most delicious ice-cream

Creation of the first ice-cream is credited to one of the Parisian cafe where this delicacy was invented at the beginning of the XVIII century. It consisted of very simple, homemade ingredients: milk, butter, sugar ... Since this ice-cream recipe has not changed so much, handed down from generation to generation - it is considered to be an example, and by this recipe is cooked homemade ice-cream Ciao Cacao.
In other matters, now you get behind the scenes of our cuisine and you will see all! 

How to make ice-cream Ciao Cacao? 

Our ice-cream is different from that produced industrial- we prefer the "home" technology, with  which are working only european family cafe. 





For this reason, each batch may be slightly different from the previous one. The fact is that the ice-cream Ciao Cacao was made in small devices and small batches of 15 kg.

Another distinguishing feature of ice-cream Ciao Cacao - a distinct taste. If at factory when whipping the cream it happens air injection, that's why this consistency obtains goodies bubble, the taste of ice-cream Ciao Cacao - is dense and rich. 

Of what is made ice-cream Ciao Cacao? 

Maximum naturalness - the main rule, which we strive to comply. In the preparation of ice-cream are used 100% natural, and most importantly - local produces. 

The structure includes whole and condensed milk, butter and sugar, and no vegetable fat! The consistency is such as in the Parisian cafe - silky, homogeneous and slightly viscous. The ice-cream is wothout ice-crumbs, except nuts and fruit pieces. 

In general, what to tell - you need to try!