Мы представляем наш новый пункт меню

The dishes from the meniu does not contain no meat, milk or eggs. Our new menu item / vegan offers a complex nutritional balance and you enjoy the taste.



For the first course we have a red broth with vegetables and greens. Beets and celery are two titans of healthy eating. Ukraine is a habitual borscht. Serve with ciabatta bread.

Potato salad with rosemary -
is an Italian version of the classic oriental salads. A salad made from baked potatoes baked mushrooms and sweet peppers, seasoned with oregano and rucolla. Emphasis is pronounced taste of lemon juice present in this salad.

Baked beans and vegetables - food that is, the amount of carbohydrates to replace the need meat. A combination of fresh vegetables such as dovlicei, eggplant, sweet pepper that offers a balanced flavor and aroma slightly minty oregano, gives a special flavor to this dish.


Cabbage with potatoes and green peas
have part of a mixed vegetable and baked potatoes with cabbage. Being seasoned with green peas this food is full of flavor and aroma.

Pizza with Fresh Vegetables
baked with ingredients flavors combining perfectly, is recommended for those who are followers of a healthy diet. It is characterized by a delicate and perfectly balanced. Having a crisp crust whole wheat flour.

Pomegranate sorbet -
Does not contain milk, is made of mashed pomegranate mint flavor gives this dessert cold and fresh.



Mango Cake - This cake is also recommended outside the station for what that sweet love but are followers of a weak caloric diets. It is a sweet cake drizzled with mango sauce and decorated with mint.



This menu can be ordered for home delivery as well as in all restaurants Andys Pizza, except

  • Andys Pizza Street. Ismail, 45
  • Andys Pizza Street. Yuri Gagarin
  • Andys Pizza Street. Albisoara 80/5 A.