Try the new menu with pizzas us!

    Andys Pizza is the largest network of restaurants in Moldova, with most culinary innovations. In the 16 years I have grown and evolved. I improved everything from serving up pizza. Yes, namely pizza! That this moment will be more authentic Italian traditions, healthier and tastier most important!

      Culinary team visited Andys Pizza restaurants in southern Italy, where this treat tastes downright genuine. Heads consulting chefs in Italy and new cooking technologies, offers another level of taste pizza. Following our culinary journey, we opted for the classic Italian recipes, true pleasure to present you the authentic taste of pizza.

      An important secret of Italian pizza is the dough. Our dough is prepared from whole wheat flour contains more protein and lower glycemic index for a degestie easier. It has a soft inside and crunchy structure on the outside, with a ruddy color and golden and the old method, traditional leavening of the dough gives this innovative countertop smooth and balanced taste.

    Each ingredient is carefully selected culinary note, to emphasize and expressive true taste of an original pizzas! Ingredienelor freshness and quality prevail in preparing these pizzas, why I refused some supplements such as mayonnaise, but we've added new ones which significantly enhance the flavor and aroma.


  Savor the taste of the new thin and crispy pizza countertop! Good appetite!