Orange mood: Pumpkin season from 1 november

Orange mood: Pumpkin season at restaurants Andy's Pizza

When it is cold outside, the soul - gray, and in the body - not enough vitamins, appear the orange miracle, which is provoking new flavors!

Since the beginning of November until the end of the month, in restaurants Andy's Pizza is available special pumpkin menu, which consists of four author dishes and two warming drinks (perhaps surprisingly) this autumn berries.

Pumpkin cream soup "Rhapsody" - Melody fall 2015

Starting autumn comfortable lunches and dinners, we offer delicate, slightly sweet, pumpkin cream soup, which we pre-baked with spices. The dish is served with feta cheese, pumpkin seeds and cheese biscuits, thanks to which soup is even more satisfying.

Pumpkin salad "Queen" - Pumpkin in a royal performance

No less exciting,surprising,and a good option to continue the afternoon - salad "Queen". Fresh arugula, sweet feta cheese, fried chicken and, of course, the main ingredient - flavorful pumpkin chips, baked with the addition of spicy spices. A light garnet-soy dressing would be a nice addition to this dish.

Pancake with pumpkin jam

Delicate pancakes, which in conjunction with chicken and ricotta, are favorite for many we decided in a new menu to diversify other filling - cream, literally melting in the mouth,buko cheese. But the main focus dish is still not in the filling, and atypical combination of cheese and sweet pumpkin jam.

Pumpkin cheesecake "Amber" - Amber dessert

This original cheesecake by Andy's Pizza- happiness in its purest form. Minimum dough, maximum pleasure: sweet amber pumpkin glaze gently covers light curd pillow. No less appetizing is thedessert’s serving - delicious triangle is near to the plate with almond chips and stringy pumpkin sauce.

Get your dose of energy and vitamins, with Andy's Pizza!