16.07.2019 Summer promotion!

11.06.2019 June 1 photo

27.05.2019 Holiday June 1

08.02.2019 Valentin day

07.02.2019 Everyone is waiting for a big family holiday for children and their parents!

18.01.2019 Giveaway: 3 pizzas for 3 students

27.12.2018 Opening hours for the holidays.

24.12.2018 Cristmas Cake&Cookies


14.11.2018 Le Beaujolais est arrivé

13.11.2018 Tasting coffee!

28.09.2018 Musical evenings!

28.09.2018 Culinary master class for children

20.09.2018 Căutăm degustatori!

06.09.2018 New Breakfast

04.09.2018 Culinary master class for children

31.08.2018 Back to School meniu

29.08.2018 Mini restaurantul Andy’s Express

22.08.2018 For every tenth delivery order we have

22.08.2018 Perhaps the best combination of Friday

09.07.2018 Good news for Edenred MD partners!

03.07.2018 Andy's restaurant chain celebrates its 1️9th anniversary

02.07.2018 Beautiful live music, sparkling wine from Radacini, delicious food and a pleasant company - an amazing combination for a summer weekend

01.07.2018 We promised that this summer our children in Andy's will be bored

22.06.2018 We opened at the gates of the city after a major renovation

31.05.2018 SUPER HOT DOGS!

31.05.2018 KIDS DAY!

30.05.2018 Wine Party! 15.06, 29.06

30.05.2018 DJ PARTY! 2.06, 9.06, 16.06, 23.06, 30.06

24.05.2018 KIDS PARTY! 03.06, 10.06, 17.06, 24.06, 01.07

12.05.2018 Let's open the strawberry season with Andy's!

11.05.2018 Come on the night of discounts on May 11 in SHOPPING MALLDOVA.


07.05.2018 Come to us on fresh croissants with coffee!

17.04.2018 Do you like to cook? Do you want to become a professional chef?

17.04.2018 Since April 12, in the Andy's network, Veggy's vegetarian menu.

17.04.2018 We invite our dear guests on weekdays from 12:00 to 15:00 at Lanch

03.04.2018 Opening hours for the Holy Easter 2018

22.03.2018 Breakfast

11.02.2018 Cake from Ciao Cacao

30.01.2018 We honor the good traditions. On the first Saturday of February, we celebrate the day of the meeting of the graduates! The holiday is getting brighter with Andy's Pzza

26.01.2018 The new children's menu in the Andys Pizza network and the Andys Food Market

19.12.2017 Christmas sweets.

19.06.2017 Congratulations to Alexander Frunze, Lidia Zhosan and Dasha Tolkacheva and all participants of the drawing competition "Summer is a beautiful time"

05.06.2017 Andy'sPizza holds a contest of children's drawings on the theme "Summer is a beautiful time!"

02.06.2017 410 students received Andy's awards

30.04.2017 Our terraces are open !!!!

21.04.2017 Work schedule

15.04.2017 Work schedule

01.03.2017 Photoreport călărași cognac tasting.

23.02.2017 Lenten menu from 27.02 - till 15.04

23.02.2017 Călărași cognac tasting event

16.02.2017 Călărași сognac tasting.

09.02.2017 Love formula

09.02.2017 Giveaway «This is Love»

01.02.2017 Student's day

02.01.2017 Oscar Live music 17.12.16 / 22.12.16

27.12.2016 Work schedule during holidays

26.12.2016 Oscar Music Box 08.12.16 / 15.12.16

19.12.2016 Tasting Bostavan wines and live music The Carters.

15.12.2016 Ciao Cacao Cakes

06.12.2016 Фото Конкурс #AndysPizzaClub «Ешь. Фотографируй. Делись.»

28.07.2016 Try the new menu with pizzas us!

30.06.2016 Andys Pizza is closer to residents Ciocana!

29.06.2016 Your favorite coffee is available for delivery!

21.03.2016 Мы представляем наш новый пункт меню

23.02.2016 Now you can pay online pizza!

21.01.2016 Our delivery service is close to you.

20.01.2016 Potato balls for just 15 MDL

24.12.2015 Working hours on holidays

14.12.2015 Introducing the catalog of cakes Ciao Cacao

12.12.2015 Cadouri originale de sărbători pentru prieteni şi oameni dragi

03.12.2015 What is your favorite song?

30.11.2015 Holidays are coming with Andy's Pizza Christmas menu

22.11.2015 Photo Concurs #AndysPizzaClub

07.11.2015 For company: in Andy's Pizza restaurants appeared assorted appetizer

06.11.2015 Get two glasses of wine as a gift!

28.10.2015 Orange mood: Pumpkin season from 1 november

26.10.2015 Felicităm cîştigătorul celei de-a treia săptămînă (26.10.2015) a concursului foto #AndysPizzaClub

21.10.2015 Mai bine și mai gustos în noul restaurant Andy's Pizza!

19.10.2015 Cîştigătorul al săptămîinii a doua a foto concursului #AndysPizzaClub

12.10.2015 Contest #AndyPizzaClub: We have our first winner!

09.10.2015 Cum se prepară: reţete video a bucatelor din meniul de toamnă Andy's Pizza

09.10.2015 Restaurantul Andy’s Pizza de la Telecentru amenajat în stil nou!

06.10.2015 Autumn menu Andy's Pizza

25.08.2015 Ciao Cacaco: ice-cream for all

14.08.2015 We give 10 kg of ice cream Ciao Cacao

10.08.2015 Three refreshing summer dessert in Andy's Pizza

08.08.2015 Alegem felurile de bucate pentru meniul de toamnă

07.08.2015 Revoluţiile se petrec în masă sau revenirea bucatelor preferate din 8 august

21.07.2015 5 reasons to taste new menu "Andy's Pizza"

08.07.2015 28 july #CulinaryRevolution

05.07.2015 Happy birthday Andy's Pizza

19.06.2015 Degustare de vin spumant "Cricova Criseco"

18.06.2015 Summer cocktails

09.06.2015 Istorii Culinare cu Mircea Marco

09.06.2015 Istorii Culinare cu Olga Donică

09.06.2015 Istorii culinare cu Xenia Deli

06.06.2015 Summer menu

05.06.2015 Nadine Ojog

05.06.2015 Micul dejun pe longboard

05.06.2015 Olga Stepanenco

05.06.2015 Gabriela Antocel- prezentatoarea ştirilor la "Canal 3"

05.06.2015 Serghei Zincenko – Preşedinte al Federaţiei de Paraşutism din Moldova

05.06.2015 Olga Fedosenko prezentatoare de ştiri la canalul TV7

05.06.2015 Soprana Olga Busuioc

05.06.2015 Anna Smolnițchi – prezentatoarea emisiunii "Istorii Urbane"

05.06.2015 Alisa Mironova

05.06.2015 Serghei Abalin este redactorul emisiunii matinale la "CTC"

05.06.2015 Evgheni Hudorojcov

07.05.2015 Istorii culinare & Olga Fedosenko

07.05.2015 Istorii Culinare & Tatiana Cerga

07.05.2015 Istorii Culinare & Serghei Abalin

07.05.2015 Istorii Culinare & Olia Tira

07.05.2015 Istorii Culinare & Boris Covali

17.12.2014 Create Your Own Flavor