Mini restaurantul Andy’s Express

Mini-restaurant - it's fast, tasty and accessible!

Our main menu consists of hot dogs and sandwiches. One of the principal zests of mini-restaurants is our own production of buns, croissants and fillings for hot dogs and sandwiches. Hot dogs with various fillings: turkey, chicken, vegetables and traditional classic. Sandwiches with bran and white buns, or on a freshly-baked croissant with chicken, ham, mozzarella, dried tomatoes and fresh salad mixes. If you want to try something light and less caloric, we can offer you a salad with couscous and seasonal vegetables, chicken and fresh crispy mix-salad. As a side dish, we have french fries and cheese balls.

For dessert, we offer traditional pastries from Ciao Cacao!

Мuffins, cookies, macaroons and great range of Gelato.

We appreciate your time!

  In the morning hours, you can enjoy a cup of bracing coffee at a special price.

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