Ciao Cacaco: ice-cream for all

Ciao Cacaco: ice-cream for all

We already told to you that our ice-cream is made on the "home" technology and only with natural ingredients. It’s time to talk about his taste.

A viscous texture, delicate taste of vanilla, chocolate aroma, juicy fruits, ripe berries, light yogurt - all under natural toppings in a crispy waffle cup. And most importantly - in walking distance from anywhere in the city center!

We make the best ice cream for you –you only need to decide on the taste.

You don’t have a sweet tooth? Select the berry sorbet! Do you want genuine classics? Try frozen yogurt.Do you like to experiment with tastes? Ask us to do a mix of colorful fruit balls!

And who said that ice cream is only a treat for children?

P.S. We have a report that proves the otherwise.

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